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Parent Involvement Plan


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Moxee Elementary Parent Involvement Plan



Research has shown that parent involvement results in increased student success, increased parent and teacher satisfaction and overall improvement in the school climate.


Parent involvement promotes a healthy and consistent learning environment by establishing mutual goals between parents and educators and developing activities that bridge home and school. Therefore, it is the vision of Moxee Elementary to form a home-school collaboration that brings together school staff, parents, children and community members in hopes of maximizing all resources that will increase student achievement and development.


Children learn best when there are significant adults in their lives - - teachers, parents, and other family and community members. Schools alone cannot address all of the student’s needs. With parents as partners the faculty and staff of Moxee Elementary School will share a joint responsibility for providing a stimulating and supporting environment for the children. Parent involvement is essential, as children learn first from their parents. Parents are teachers, learners, supporters and advocates for their children. It is therefore vitally important that they be included in their children’s educational plan.


To support the mission of the East Valley School District to educate all students effectively, Moxee Elementary School will recognize and support a strong, comprehensive parent involvement program. A “partnership” that bonds educators and families in working toward a common goal will be implemented through the following standards.















Perhaps the most important tool in any partnership is communication. It is the foundation of a solid partnership.


When parents and educators communicate effectively, positive relationships develop, problems are more easily solved and the students make greater progress. Often communication is one-way without chance to exchange ideas or share perceptions. Effective home-school communication is the two-way sharing of information vital to student success. Moxee Elementary will therefore, promote regular, two-way, meaningful communication between home and school. Evidence that supports this standard will be presented in:


~ Parent/teacher notes

~ Messages from the principal and East Valley School District Board of Directors

~ Parent/teacher conferences

~ E-mail

~ School/District websites

~ Flyers/brochures

~ Parent/student Handbook

~ Newsletters

~ WA Kids

~ Calendars

~ Home visits/telephone calls

~ Report cards and progress reports

~ Family Literacy and Math Nights

~ Family Book Fairs

~ All School Assembly


These opportunities for the exchange of information are vital and must be used consistently for meaningful parent involvement to occur.



1.Parent/teacher notes

2.Messages from the principal and East Valley School District Board of Directors

3.Parent/teacher conferences

4.School/District websites


6.Parent/Student Handbook



9.Report cards and progress reports

10.Family Literacy and Math Nights

11.Family Book Fairs

12.WA Kids

  1. District PreK program plan
  2. All School Assembly





Research has shown that environment and parenting techniques are a vital component to student success. The parents are the child’s first teacher - - - they provide the primary educational environment. However, many parents often feel inadequate when it comes to the education of their children. Often other issues such as drugs, young parents, inappropriate behavior, cultural barriers etc…. play a factor in the home environment. School personnel should support positive parenting by respecting and affirming the strengths and skills needed by the parents to fulfill their role. When staff and faculty recognize parent roles and responsibilities, ask parents what supports they need, and work to find ways to meet those needs, they communicate a clear message that parents are valuable and that their input in the education of their children is valued. Moxee Elementary School will assist families with parenting skills and setting home conditions to support children as students, and also assist the faculty and staff to understand diverse families. With the growing diversity in the community, MES has the opportunity to bring together a group of people with common goals, not withstanding of background, education or economic status.




  • Provide a list of family support programs to assist families with health, nutrition, financial matters and other resources that support families.
  • Provide parents with literature and other resources
  • Starting diversity appreciation at Kindergarten and continuing it through Grade 12
  • WA Kids





Research confirms that the most critical relationship regarding student achievement remains the connection between the parent and the teacher. Clear and concise expectations must always exist. It is a given fact that not all learning can take place in the school and that children will need additional help from their parents.


The importance of student learning and achievement presents an opportunity for schools and teachers to communicate with families and also provide avenues for involvement that will foster student success. Student learning increases when parents are invited into the process by helping at home. Most parents are willing to assist their children in learning, but many are not sure what assistance is most helpful and appropriate. Helping parents connect their children’s learning enables parents to communicate in powerful ways that they value education and the achievements of their children.



  • Provide in-service training for teachers and staff about techniques to engage parents in learning.       Teachers will share success stories.
  • Provide student project that will require parental assistance.
  • Offer classes and other training opportunities for parents to acquire learning strategies to assist their children at home
  • Offer parents opportunities to be involved in decision-making.





When most think of parent involvement, volunteering comes to mind. The parent volunteer is one of the most used methods to incorporate parent involvement into the school. It is relatively easy and often not too time consuming. However, if the school is to profit from its volunteers, methods to ensure all parents are being utilized must be implemented. Opportunities for the stay-at-home parent or parents of different cultures must be incorporated. Personal interests, areas of expertise, significant life experiences also must be exposed in order to provide a range of variety for the school climate. The school must think about ways to also combine parent expertise to community resources.




  • Booster Club members helping with academic activities and classroom help.
  • Create a warm climate that welcomes parents and encourages volunteering.
  • Train parents to develop the necessary skills to help where needed in the school.
  • Train parents to become substitute para-educators.





Parents are the “natural” advocates for their children and should be “full partners” with teachers and administrators in decisions affecting their children and families. They should also play an active role in policy-making. This partnership should be based on mutual trust, respect, and an appreciation for cultural diversity and tolerance for differing viewpoints.




  • Encourage parents to be involved on policy making that reflects representation of the demographics of the school and community.
  • Involve parents in the process of evaluating and planning school functions
  • Provide parents with all school performance data.
  • Develop methods to treat parent concerns with respect




Communities are comprised of a variety of groups of people who share common geographical boundaries. All these people have something to contribute to the schools. To be successful, a school must take advantage of all their resources, experiences, knowledge and skills. These community resources have a vested interest in education and the functions of the schools. Schools have the opportunity to profit from community leaders being involved with the students. It is their duty to ensure that all educational goals are at the forefront of the community’s agenda. The school should utilize not only the business perspective of the community, but other resources, such as senior citizen groups, public health institutions, fine art clubs, community groups/clubs and fitness and wellness centers.




  • Partner between local business and groups/clubs to assist families and students.
  • Distribute literature and information about community events.
  • Encourage student/parent participation in community events.
  • Invite community members to volunteer in the school
  • Collaboration with various organizations and agencies to ensure all parents are able to be involved with their children’s education.
  • Instill in the students/parents the importance of ‘giving back” to the community through service learning projects.


Immediate Plans:

Two-Way Communication

            Electronic Communication

  • Daily parent-teacher e-mails
  • School websites
  • Student Achievement information on-line
  • School Messenger



  • Monthly school newsletters
  • District newspaper


 Face to Face

  • Use of School Counselor to connect with families.
  • Sponsor Family Learning Nights focused to promote learning at home in academic subjects.



  • Coordinate scheduling of parent-teacher conferences so all parents can attend.
  • Make translators available at parent-teacher conferences for limited or non-English speaking families.


Future Plans: Two-Way Communication


            Websites for student practice at home

  • Reflex Math
  • Moby Max
  • All the Right Type


  • Teachers ask parents to complete “Help Me Know Your Child”.
  • Conduct volunteer surveys to match parents’ strengths and availability with needs of teachers (and promptly respond!).



  • Weekly take-home folder of student work.
  • Student assignment notebooks that parents sign - place for parents to write concerns or ask specific questions to teachers for feedback.
  • Publicize volunteer opportunities and recognize volunteers.
Feature community service booths and information for parents at Early Learning Fair.


Partnerships For Success


Community Partners - in support of student learning


  • Ace Hardware - provide donations, coupons, and employee volunteers
  • Coke distributor - beverages for parent/family nights
  • Moxee Library - information on services, available services, library cards
  • Farmworkers Clinic - information on services, including parenting and adult classes. Activities to do with children in English and Spanish
  • First Book - provide books for families
  • East Valley Enhancement Association - provide donations and volunteers for parent/family nights
  • Terrace Heights Grange - school supplies and backpacks for needy students
  • Wal-Mart - coupons for glasses


Parent involvement provides an important opportunity for our school to enrich and enhance the already existing programs and include parents in the educational process. Therefore, the vision of the Moxee Elementary Parent Involvement Plan is to form a family-school collaboration in which all resources will be utilized for optimal student development and success.

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