Updated DOH Guidance Recommendations for Physical Distancing in Classrooms

They have updated their guidance to align with the CDC recommendation to require at least three feet of physical distancing (previously 6’) in classrooms. The East Valley School district will be working in coordination with the Yakima Health District to see how these spacing guidelines and our local case numbers will impact our efforts to return students to more in-person instruction.

If local health officials authorize the increase of in-person instruction this spring, the EVSD will work diligently over the next few weeks to put into place the new guidelines, keeping in mind the requirements for busing, food service and classroom accommodations.  We will update our families as more information becomes available. 

Note: In areas with high community transmission, CDC and DOH recommend that middle and high school students use cohorting (grouping students) and at least three feet of distance between students or at least six feet of physical distance between students if cohorting is not possible.  CDC defines high community transmission as COVID-19 case rate of greater than 200 cases per 100,00 population over 14 days or test positivity is greater than 10%. Current Yakima County community case rates and test positivity can be found at https://www.yakimacounty.us/2404/Data-Summary